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1. To view the site Ukrainian Universal Exchange and in the "Exchange activity" choose the product (direction) you want to sell electronic exchange trading.

2. In the absence of direction by product group you are interested to apply for the Exchange and to apply for the presentation of electronic trading system (ETS) and negotiate the terms of cooperation and Regulation of electronic exchange trading.

3. Read the rules of trading on UUB and Regulations of the organization and the electronic exchange trading in the direction that interests you.

4. Accredit your company in your chosen direction as brokerage houses in Ukrainian Universal Exchange (stock exchange get rent position).

  • Provide on the exchange of documents pursuant to Art. 9 of the Law of Ukraine "On prevention and counteraction to legalization (laundering) of proceeds from crime and terrorist financing."
  • Enter into an agreement to lease space on the Ukrainian Exchange universal exchange in your chosen direction.
  • Pay the cost of renting the exchange places.
  • Issue a compliance officer of your company, which will serve as Broker attorney to represent your company on the electronic exchange trading.
  • Complete compliance officer (Broker) free training to work in the ETS.
  • Get on the compliance officer (Broker) electronic digital signature (EDS) for ISO 4145-2002 in one of the Certification Authority (such as ACA the Information Department Mindohodiv "key systems», «MASTERKEY», «Public Key Infrastructure ").
  • Participate in the "simulation" of electronic exchange trading for practical skills in the ETS.

5. Provide compliance officer (Broker) application for participation in your chosen electronic exchange trading with the conditions of sale, delivery and product characteristics.

6. Compliance officer (Broker) submit to the ETS application for sale.

7. Make the amount of guarantee security to bid (if required by the Regulations) under the account generated and transmitted to ETS have compliance officer (broker).

8. Compliance officer (broker) to participate in appropriate electronic exchange trading.

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