On bank pawn sales
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Ukrainian Universal Exchange carries out the realization of vehicles, equipment, real estate and other collateral in case of default or inadequate execution of principal obligations to banksby the debtors, including through holding auctions and electronic trading.

In the process of foreclosure Ukrainian Universal Exchange performs the following functions:

  • spreads information about the sale of debtor’s collateral;
  • searchand coordination of potential buyers;
  • receive applications for participation in auction;
  • concludes pledge agreements with applicants;
  • defines the bidders;
  • perform bidding;
  • determines the winner of the auction and sign the Protocol about the bidding results;
  • notifies the bidders and banks about the bidding results;
  • provides legal support for the execution of documents.

In connection with efficiency of the foreclosure, the cooperation with Ukrainian Universal Exchange is mutually beneficial to buyers and banking institutions.

However, be informed that according to the letter of the Deposit Guarantee Fund dated 29.09.2014, No. 21-8232/14 the exchange included to the list of auction organizers on sale of Bank assets in the liquidation process. This group of products has already been implemented for realization on the Exchange. Follow the schedule on the website.

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