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The UUE: receive daily quotations on basic commodities in two clicks!

Ukrainian Universal Exchange has launched free service of exchange quotation messaging on all types of commodities traded on the exchange

Now obtaining the main price indices for goods ranging from agro-products and finishing products of oil and gas sector, has become more accessible thanks to the service of Subscribing to the exchange quotation messaging from the UUE. Players of all markets and our users no longer need to spend time searching information on different information resources. Only actual exchange quotations which formed on the exchange market are published in messaging. All kinds of goods that were sold & bought on the exchange are available in messaging. Generate a list of price indices by using convenient filter to sort only needed information by items.

Date Commodity Basis Form Section Amount, ton Price, UAH Difference,%
17.08.15 2 grade flour EXW SPOT Agricultural products 30 4300.00 +2.38
17.08.15 1 grade flour EXW SPOT Agricultural products 291 4550.00 -
17.08.15 Top-grade flour EXW SPOT Agricultural products 397 4650.00 -
17.08.15 Rye flour EXW SPOT Agricultural products 150 3300.00 -
17.08.15 Wheat bran EXW SPOT Agricultural products 116 1850.00 -
17.08.15 Medium rye flour EXW SPOT Agricultural products 300 3300.00 -

Exchange quotations of the UUE are being published on major information resources such as TRData and Proagro.

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It bears reminding that Ukrainian Universal Exchange annually ranks first among commodity exchanges of Ukraine by volumes of transactions and one of the most advanced exchanges with the provision of exchange trading services in different markets since 1997 and actively participates in market transformation of economy of Ukraine.

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