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Unified bank loan exchange begun to work in Ukraine (Interfax-Ukraine)

Specialized platform “Bank loan exchange” was created on the Ukrainian Universal Exchange (UUEX, Kyiv). The Platform is designed for collateral, loan and other property trading – as is said in the UUEX press-release.

According to the message, the exchange has already agreed with major banks on the sale of the collateral at a private exchange platform: on the first auction on the Bank Loan Exchange suggestions are already posted for a few billion UAH.

"Banking sector has accumulated a huge amount of unrealized assets, ranging from home appliances, automobiles and ending land parcels, houses and apartments... Goal of our exchange is to create a liquid and highly competitive market environment in which traders will be able to find the optimal conditions for transactions", - the press service quoted the UUEX Head of the Trading Department Serhii Hladkyi.

According to him, bidding will be free for buyers.
According to the report, the proposals from several banks on one exchange allow customers to get a clearer picture about the valuation of assets and their real cost.

Source: Interfax-Ukraine

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