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Ukrgazvudobuvannya on transparent auctions has sold liquefied gas more expensive than Ukrnafta (RBC.UA)

On Tuesday October 13, Ukrainian Universal Exchange has held the commercial auction according to the Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated 16.10.2014 No. 570 for the sale of liquefied gas on the domestic market produced by Ukrhazvydobuvannya. At the auction showed up 39 member companies, reported to RBC-Ukraine in a press-service of the Ukrainian Universal Exchange (UUE).

According to the Press-service, following the results of the auction almost 9.3 thousand tons of liquefied gas were sold. Most of the lots on rail shipments prices raised 625 steps. According to the results of the contracts, the maximum price for liquefied gas was fixed at around 15 751,23 UAH per ton at the railway loads. For comparison at the auction of Ukrnafta as noted, were sold 6.7 thousand tons of liquefied gas at prices 12000-12400 UAH/t.

During the auction there was observed an increased interest in the vehicle loads, as a result of trading the price raised 627 steps, indicating a high level of competition on the market, noted at the Press service.

"I would like to note high level of organization and holding the auction. Only on equal and competitive terms we can operate according to market rules. This contributes to the formation of real market prices for liquefied gas on the domestic market and significantly reduces corruption risks. We are ready to work honestly according to the rules, but the rules should be the same for everyone," said a representative of the company- participant after bidding.

"The management of the "Ukrainian Universal Exchange" welcomed the fact of holding transparent Ukrgazvydobuvannya realization of the resource on the auctions of the largest commodity exchange of Ukraine. This allows one to get additional profit, which can be sent by the company to strengthen energy security of Ukraine," said the Deputy Director of the UUE Serhiy Hladkyi. Transparent auctions for the sale of the resource extracted from the state Ukrgazvudobuvannya should serve as an example for other state-owned companies such as Ukrnafta, - commented the Deputy Director of the UUE Serhiy Hladkyi.

As previously reported, Ukrnafta lost huge amounts of money in shortfall profits at auction of UICE exchange. Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine reported about the initiation of legal proceedings on these facts, but further investigation has not informed the society about the course of events.


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