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Ukrainian Agricultural Finance Forum 2015

While participating in the Forum 1-2 October experts of the Ukrainian Universal Exchange have highlighted the urgent need for the introduction of exchange trading of agricultural products in Ukraine.

Participants welcomed the proposed model of the introduction of exchange tools in their business activities and actively participated in the discussions on pricing on the exchange trading and the possibility of receiving exchange quotations and their use.

Commenting on the results of two days of the Forum, Deputy Director of the Ukrainian Universal Exchange Serhii Hladkyi mentioned: "Compliance with the rules and principles of open and transparent auctions and bidding allows one to identify a fair price and take into account the interests of all process participants.

Ukrainian Universal Exchange intensively works on market relations development and the development of maximum competition in the domestic markets and, in particular, the market of agricultural products trading. Through such activities there is always a possibility of a constructive dialogue directly with process participants and the ability to create actual and efficient model of agriproducts exchange market functioning, and we are pleased with the opportunity to participate directly in this process."

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