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The price of Ukrgazvydobuvannya LPG soared to 15700 UAH per ton

PJSC Ukrgazvydobuvannya (UGD) sold at auction 9 298 tons of LPG from the exposed 9 438 tons. It is reported by OilNews correspondent, who watched the course of trading on the "Ukrainian Universal Exchange".

In particular UGD sold 6 258 tons of LPG on the terms of loading into tank trucks and 3 040 tons of railway lots.

The price of LPG vehicle ranged 15100-15700 UAH/t including gas of Timofiivka production was sold at 15250-15400 UAH/t.

Railway parties of liquefied gas were bought by traders at prices 14800-15150 UAH/t. the Exception was the gas production of Iulievsk Oil and gas production workshop – during the struggle for resource from Kharkiv traders the price rose to 15 770 UAH/t. In the end, all 100 tons of Iulievsk gas were bought by Marshal.

As reported by OilNews, at the previous auction on September 23, the UGD sold liquefied gas for 10 500 UAH (car) and 10 200 UAH (railway).

Biggest buyers of liquefied gas on October 13, were "Nadezhda" (purchased 1 884 tons of LPG); WOG (1 176 t); "Bars 2000" (700 tons) and "Europlus" (420 t).

Active struggle among traders explain resource depletion and blocking of new supply on the Russian-Ukrainian border. "For example, for seven days the resource of LUKOIL Perm [the plant "LUKOIL-Permnefteorgsintez" – ON] can’t get in Ukraine, the Russian side refuses to customs clearance," – said one of traders.

In addition, among the factors which keep the market in suspense, traders point to the decision of Rechitsa (Belarusian) gas plant switch to the production of separate fractions, which, as already mentioned by OilNews, for a number of reasons not satisfied participants of the Ukrainian LPG market.

One of the traders shared with OilNews that soon a load of LPG from Romania can come and will compete with the domestic resource manufacturers.

Began last week as growth in retail prices, according to traders, will continue. According to experts, the prices of gas stations in the coming days may increase by 0.7 to 1 UAH/liter.

We will remind also that today "Ukrnafta" at the site UICE sold 11 069 tons of LPG. About 6 700 tons of resource on ex works bought under control of "Privat" company "Prikarpatneftetrade" 12 000-12 400 UAH/t. the rest of the buyers purchased about 2 700 tons of resource by loading on 14 000- 15 000 UAH/t.

Previously Ukrgazvydobuvannya said that before the announcement of results of competition on selection of exchanges for the realization of its own products, the company will conduct auctions on all platforms, with which it has had contracts ( "UICE", "UUE", "UEEX"). Earlier for a long time all of UGD auctions were held on UICE.

"The management of the "Ukrainian Universal Exchange" welcomed the fact of holding transparent Ukrgazvydobuvannya realization of the resource on the auctions of the largest commodity exchange of Ukraine. This allows you to get additional profit, which can be sent by the company to strengthen energy security of Ukraine," said the Deputy Director of the UUE Serhiy Hladkyi.

According to him, participants of the market and fair vendors hope that non-transparent terms of trade in energy resources in Ukraine will remain forever in the past. "Ukrnafta" has in this case to adopt the same transparent sales", – said S. Hladkyi.

Recall that the UUE was selected in 2014 on the competition for the selection of exchanges for energy trading of public companies carried out by the Ministry of Economic Development and the Ministry of Energy and coal.

Source: OilNews

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