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What are the reasons for gasoline and diesel fuel to get more expensive

The Administrative court postponed a decision on the claim of the Ukrainian interbank currency exchange (UICE) against the Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry. Thus, oil market remains blocked, causing price increases for gasoline and diesel fuel, and liquefied cylinder gas market, that provides the population throughout Ukraine.

At the hearing on 13 August attended personally by the Minister of energy and coal industry Yuriy Prodan,

The Minister of energy and coal Iurii Prodan participated in the court session on August 13 and requiring immediate consideration of the case in fact. However, the judge Igor Pogrebnichenko did not listen to him and moved the meeting on September 2, so leaving the status quo in the market for another 2 weeks.

As you know, UICE owned by Oleksandr Ginzburg, disputed the results of the contest of the Ministry of energy and demands to declare the results invalid.

It is worth saying that the practice of challenging the results of the contest by the Ministry for the selection of exchanges for UICE is not new. So, in 2013, the UICE have filed lawsuits against the Ministry, but lost in all three cases.

Source: “Exchange and Electronic Platforms” Association

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