Trading results at the 20.03.17: Natural gas -: 6700.00 (-) |

Quotations of national exchanges – a real benchmark for prices on the domestic market.

Taking into account difficult financial and economic situation of the country, particularly important is the issue of pricing for basic energy resources. The country and business need transparent price points that reflect the true cost of the resources within the country. Place pricing takes a significant role in the pricing process, and therefore Ukraine should pay particular attention to the development of this great institution of market economy.

The peculiarity of Ukrainian exchanges is low number of concluded contracts compared with international exchanges, but this is due to the fact that Ukrainian exchanges usually trade commodities on the terms of spot and forward but developed exchanges trade mainly fixed-term contracts. These markets are linked and trade on the spot market may create the basis for the introduction of fixed-term contracts.

Ukrainian Universal Exchange develops in this direction, conducting trading on the energy market of Ukraine. UUE actively sale energy not only produced by public companies but private companies on the exchange trading. The number of companies conducting transparent energy trade on the UUE constantly grows, indicating the demand for a transparent and open process of trading among market participants. The trading volume of public mining companies on the UUE is more than 40%, and trading volumes of private companies has increased to almost 60%, which shows the interest of the private sector in a transparent mechanism of products sale.

During 2015 the list of continuously traded on the exchange products significantly expanded.

2014-2015 (correlation)

State-owned extracting companies 1 314 250 155,78 41,66
Private extracting companies 1 840 095 614,38 58,34

2015 р. (January-March)

Liquefied gas 289 041 249,58
Condensate 97 299 197,27
Natural gas 607 183 031,24
Oil 128 000,00
Oil products 30 246 300,00

1 023 897 778,09


Liquefied gas 1 025 208 906,20
Condensate 53 514 524,14
Natural gas 1 048 198 207,80
Oil 3 526 359,93
Oil products 248 447 000,00

2 378 894 998,07


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