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New Year’s sale from the Ukrgazvydobuvannya: LPG has gone on 8100-9000 UAH/t (OilNews)

PJSC Ukrgazvydobuvannya on the additional auction for sale of LPG sold all 10 444 tons resource. It is reported by OilNews correspondent, who observed the course of trading on the "Ukrainian Universal Exchange" (UUE).

Unlike the previous auction on December 10, at today's auction there was a stir: traders were actively buying the resource, and the UGD were forced to agree to lower prices.

So, with LPG shipment in tank trucks (5 544 tons) was sold on 8300-8900 UAH/t. Train party "Bazylevshchyna" went for prices 8900-9000 UAH/t, "Yablunivka" gas was sold at 8100-8300 UAH/t.

Note that the starting price for gas was set at 12 152 UAH/t.

Ukrgazvydobuvannya was forced to sell the resource at a reduced price in view of the upcoming Christmas and New Year holidays and large stocks that have accumulated in the vaults of the company. Recall that at the auction on December 10, UGD has only sold 1 260 tons from exhibited 9 to 576 tons of LPG at 9000-9500 UAH/t.

However, market participants do not predict a sharp decline in prices of gas stations in the near future, even despite the falling prices in wholesale during the last month. "Autogas will depreciate, but slowly – 5-10 kopecks per liter, as now," said one of the bidders.

The reluctance to significantly reduce the price market participants attributed the presence of the resource, purchased in November by 14500-15000 UAH/t.

Source: OilNews

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