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Energy produced in Ukraine will be traded on Ukrainian Universal Exchange

The Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry has selected Ukrainian Universal Exchange the winner of the contest for exchange platform on implementation of oil, gas condensate, liquefied gas of Ukrainian extraction, including special auctions on liquefied gas for Ukrainian population. Reports the press service of the Ministry. (Source: Kapital)
The decision was confirmed by the Order of the Ministry № 463 d.d. June 20, 2014.

Disclosure of applications took place on June 12. The competition Commission received applications from 13 exchanges, after their disclosure one exchange was not allowed to participate in the contest.

Note that the government of Ukraine by the Decree № 1064, dated October 3, 2011 determined that the exchange for the sale of the Ukrainian oil and gas condensate and liquefied gas will be appointed by competition.

An oil sale through exchange auction is mandatory if the controlling stake of the producer belongs to the State or it works on the basis of joint activity with the State company.

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