Trading results at the 22.02.18: Building timber EXW: 1144.31 (-) | Technical raw materials for industrial requirements pine-tree EXW: 847.48 (-) | Technical raw materials for industrial requirements poplar EXW: 733.65 (-) | Log alder tree EXW: 953.80 (-) | Log soft-wooded broadleaf EXW: 769.28 (-) | Log maple EXW: 1454.00 (-) | Log aspen EXW: 791.20 (-) | Log ash tree EXW: 2827.42 (-) | Log pine-tree EXW: 1379.30 (-) | Top log pine-tree EXW: 1030.57 (-) | Log oak (mottled butt rot) EXW: 5192.31 (-) | Log poplar EXW: 436.80 (-) | Log hard-wooded broadleaf EXW: 1102.80 (-) | Log oak EXW: 7874.49 (-) | Raw mat. for anchor works EXW: 866.73 (-) | Technical raw materials for industrial requirements soft-wooded broadleaf EXW: 479.70 (-) | Technical raw materials for industrial requirements ash tree EXW: 2080.71 (-) | Technical raw materials for industrial requirements alder tree EXW: 461.14 (-) | Technical raw materials for production of slabby materials, maple EXW: 600.00 (-) | Technical materials for "ВТП" maple EXW: 106.91 (-) | Technical raw materials for production of slabby materials, hornbeam EXW: 600.00 (-) |

Authorities are advised to trade energy resources in electronic format (Forbes Ukraine)

The introduction of energy resources electronic trading in Ukraine will improve the transparency of sales and increase the revenue of public companies, - said Oleksii Vlasenko Director of the "Ukrainian Universal Exchange" (UUEX).

"According to auctions in 2014-2015 it’s problematic to ensure transparency and competition in live action trading because of the Ukrainian market specificity. This refers to oil and rail shipments of liquefied gas, which claims a limited number of buyers and creates a breeding ground for a variety of manipulations," said O. Vlasenko.

He added that on an auction by "Ukrgazvydobuvannya" hold on March 13, the seller was forced to remove the majority of the lots due to signs of buyer’s manipulations: "If the lots were not withdrawn by the seller, trading would have been stopped by the exchange representative because of a violation of the rules. Anonymous electronic trading almost completely rule out the probability of collusion," said the Director of the UUEX.

According to him, the results of the liquefied gas sale auction by "Ukrgazvydobuvannya" held on February 11 on the platform of the "Ukrainian interregional specialized" were also cancelled by the Auction Committee in terms of contracts on railway loading consignment. The company sold gas on the conditions of truck loading on 9.5-10,15 thousand UAH/t, at the same time, the railway consignments were sold at a starting price of 7,53 thousand UAH/t. In the opinion of company management, the manipulation of the group of trading participants was observed during the auction, which led to the sale of the resource at a lower price.

O.Vlasenko also said that electronic trading is widely used in Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan. According to him, the Cabinet's resolution № 570, defining rules on energy trading, does not stipulate for electronic auctions, although with minor changes they might be implemented. "Electronic trading, for which the Russia's Ministry of Economic Development and Trade has created a pool of exchanges on the coal market has established itself as a progressive mechanism, therefore there’s no need to invent anything new", - said the Director of the UUEX.

On a result of the tender in June 2014 the Ministry of Energy and Coal and the UUEX signed the contract for conducting auctions on oil, gas condensate and liquefied gas of companies with the state share over 50%. In consequence, the resolution of The Cabinet of Ministers № 570 governing the conduction of the auctions of state-owned companies, amended, according to which the seller chooses a platform for the sale of the resources. “Ukrnafta” continued to sell products on UICE, while "Ukrgazvydobuvannya", after experimenting with other exchanges, returned trading on the UUEX.

Source: Forbes Ukraine

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