Instructions for subscribing to the free Quotation messaging by the UUE
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The process of subscription is not time consuming and easy to perform.

To begin, follow the link

You will be asked to enter the Username and Password that you have selected when registered on the website.

* To register on the website and access to your account on the website of the Ukrainian Universal Exchange one needs to follow the link or click on "Register". In "Username" field enter the name under which you wish to be registered, in the field "E-mail" enter your e-mail address. In the "CAPTCHA Code" type the characters shown on the picture. Then click "Register". On the specified e-mail address will be sent an e-mail confirmation of successful registration on the UUE website, the letter will specify the Username that you have chosen and the system-generated, strong access password. Clicking on the link in the email or this link, enter the Username and the Password to access.

You will be asked to select the category of goods quotations on which are interested to you. To select or deselect an item, just check the box next to the name.

The Frequency of the messaging menu is situated under the list of commodities. In the menu one can select the frequency – daily, weekly or monthly.

After selecting the commodities and frequency click "OK".

The registration process and subscription on messaging of exchange quotations has been successfully completed, one will now be informed of the price indices of the Ukrainian Universal Exchange.




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