Trading results at the 22.02.18: Building timber EXW: 1144.31 (-) | Technical raw materials for industrial requirements pine-tree EXW: 847.48 (-) | Technical raw materials for industrial requirements poplar EXW: 733.65 (-) | Log alder tree EXW: 953.80 (-) | Log soft-wooded broadleaf EXW: 769.28 (-) | Log maple EXW: 1454.00 (-) | Log aspen EXW: 791.20 (-) | Log ash tree EXW: 2827.42 (-) | Log pine-tree EXW: 1379.30 (-) | Top log pine-tree EXW: 1030.57 (-) | Log oak (mottled butt rot) EXW: 5192.31 (-) | Log poplar EXW: 436.80 (-) | Log hard-wooded broadleaf EXW: 1102.80 (-) | Log oak EXW: 7874.49 (-) | Raw mat. for anchor works EXW: 866.73 (-) | Technical raw materials for industrial requirements soft-wooded broadleaf EXW: 479.70 (-) | Technical raw materials for industrial requirements ash tree EXW: 2080.71 (-) | Technical raw materials for industrial requirements alder tree EXW: 461.14 (-) | Technical raw materials for production of slabby materials, maple EXW: 600.00 (-) | Technical materials for "ВТП" maple EXW: 106.91 (-) | Technical raw materials for production of slabby materials, hornbeam EXW: 600.00 (-) |

Application for purchase - commercial offers to exchange trading on the purchase of goods, the exchange issued in the prescribed form.

Application for sale - commercial offers to exchange trading on the sale of goods, the exchange issued in the prescribed form.

Arbitrage - a special unit of exchange that is created to resolve disputes with exchange agreements and other matters of trading on the exchange.

Asking price (offer) - price, which starts from this stock trades commodities (product groups) in a given trading session.

Audit Committee - a body exchange, which controls its financial and economic activities.

Bid price (demand) - price during exchange trading on this exchange goods (product groups) in a given trading session offers the buyer (member exchange trading).

Bidder - member exchange, acquired the appropriate status under the statute exchange and other internal documents exchange.

Bidding - bidding, other stock transactions.

Biological fuels (biofuels) - solid, liquid or gaseous fuel produced from biologically renewable resources (biomass) that can be used as fuel or as a component of other fuels.

Broker - a person authorized to carry out maintenance of the Exchange exchange trading and monitor compliance with the Rules of trading in the stock exchange trading.

Brokerage firm - non-permanent member exchange, exchange trading participant that rents stock exchange in place a permanent member of the exchange, which carries out stock transactions on its behalf and at its own expense, or provides brokerage services for stock transactions of third parties (customers).

Brokers - a person authorized brokerage firms accredited to the stock exchange, whose duties are performed by members of the exchange orders, they are to implement exchange operations by contracting and submission operations carried them to register on the exchange.

Card transaction (ticket) - a document signed by the parties to voice exchange trading, concluding the agreement, which specified the auction, the position of the newsletter, quantity, price (the seller (offer), the buyer (demand), the price of the exchange agreement) referenced member exchange (seller) and a member of the stock exchange (buyer).

Confidential information - any information that has actual or potential value because of its obscurity to third parties, not intended for wide distribution and / or use an unlimited number of persons within the current legislation.

Clearing House - a body that serves as a common settlement and financial center in making the exchange contracts.

Commodity exchange - an organization that brings together businesses and individuals that are engaged in manufacturing and commercial activity, and aims to provide services entering into exchange agreements, identifying commodity prices, demand and supply, research, arranging and facilitating trade and fl mitigating the risks of trading him.

Digital Signature - type of electronic signature, obtained as a result of a cryptographic transformation of a set of electronic data that is added to the set with him or logically combined and enables you to confirm the integrity and identify the signer.

Disciplinary responsibility - the responsibility of bidders, provided Disciplinary Code for committing disciplinary violations.

Disciplinary Commission - Disciplinary Commission Exchange, which was established and operates pursuant to and in accordance with its Statute.

Disciplinary violations - actions for which according to the disciplinary code established disciplinary responsibility.

Electronic document management - organizational and technical system, the general principles of electronic document exchange between participants exchange trading and other business exchange infrastructure.

Electronic Trading System - a set of databases, hardware, software, telecommunications, and other tools that provide the ability to input, storage and processing of information necessary for the exchange trading and the evidence of exchange transactions and monitor their implementation, component software and hardware complex, providing the electronic exchange trading in commodity market sections.

Electronic stock trades - the procedure of exchange trading in the software, electronic trading system through the Internet.

Electronic signature - the data in electronic form which are attached to other electronic data or logically associated with them and are designed to identify the signer of the data.

Energy - electrical or thermal energy produced at the power plants is the commodity products for sale.

Exchange agreements - Agreements concluded exchange trading members of stock exchange trading on their own behalf or on behalf of third parties which results in making the exchange contract.

Exchange contract - a contract concluded between the parties exchange trading, in relation to an agreement for the supply of commodities against payment.

Exchange fee - fee for organizing the exchange trading payable winners.

Exchange members - permanent and non-permanent members of the Exchange members Exchange.

Exchange product - any product admitted to exchange trading.

Exchange trade - exchange activity and participants exchange trading, aimed at implementation and execution of exchange transactions.

Force Majeure - events or circumstances that really are beyond the control of the parties, occurred after the conclusion of the exchange contract, posting requests for trades and are unpredictable and irreversible nature. To force majeure include, in particular, natural disasters, strikes, fires, floods, explosions, war, riots, destruction of goods, carrier delays caused by accidents or adverse weather conditions, embargoes, accidents, restrictions imposed by public authorities (including official requirements, quotas and price controls), if these factors directly affected the performance side of their duties.

Futures (Futures Contract) - a standard document which establishes the obligation to buy (sell) securities (perhaps not yet produced) goods or money at a certain time and in certain conditions in the future, fixing prices at the time of execution obligations of contracting parties. Thus, any party F. k. Has the right not to perform only with the consent of the other party to the contract or in cases determined by civil law. Buyer F. k. Has the right to sell such a contract during its validity to other persons without the consent conditions of the contract of sale the seller.

A futures contract on the exchange standardized in all respects except one - the price of the goods supplied, determined in the process of exchange trading. Standardization of futures contracts involves unification following key indicators: the use value of the goods, quantity and market conditions of treatment, type of product, the size of the consignment, conditions and terms of delivery, payment methods, sanctions for breach of contract, arbitration procedure, etc..

In this regard, highly liquid futures contracts, for which there is a broad secondary market, because its conditions are the same for all investors. When the transaction on the exchange contract seller undertakes to sell and the buyer - to buy a certain number of commodities at a certain time in future at a price determined at the time of the transaction. This says that they open position. An important feature of futures trading, stemming from its standardization is the anonymity of the contract. Parties in the futures contract are the seller and not the buyer and the seller and buyer clearing house or exchange and clearinghouse. This allows the seller and the buyer to act independently of each other, that is, to eliminate its obligations under the contract previously decorated by closing positions.

Closing positions carried through offset agreements or supply of the asset.

Internal document exchange - a document adopted by the Exchange Committee and other governing bodies exchange under its jurisdiction.

Lot - minimum trading unit, which includes any group of commodities for sale.

Non-permanent member exchange - a member of the exchange who receives membership by renting space in exchange permanent member of the exchange.

Options, options contract - standard document certifying the right to buy or sell securities (goods, money) on certain conditions in the future, fixing prices at the time of signing the option or at the time of the acquisition by the decision of the parties of the contract. The seller of the option (the issuer) is unconditional and irrevocable commitment to purchase / sale of securities (goods and money) on the terms entered into an option contract. Any buyer of the option has the right to opt out at any time from the purchase / sale of securities (goods and money). Claims regarding improper performance or default option contract may be brought only to the issuer of the option. An option may be sold without restriction to others for its validity.

Permanent members of the stock exchange - the founders of exchange and legal or natural persons admitted to its membership in accordance with the Charter of the Exchange who have paid the entrance fee and have a set quota (exchange places).

Private key - parameter cryptographic algorithm of digital signature, only the signer.

Proceedings (process) - disciplinary proceedings (disciplinary process).

Public key - parameter cryptographic algorithm checking digital signatures available to business relationship in the use of digital signatures.

Public Key Certificate - a document issued by a Certification Authority, certifying the validity and ownership of the public key of the signer. Key certificates can be distributed electronically or in the form of records and used for identification signer.

Power - a sector of Ukraine, which provides consumers with energy.

Price of exchange transactions - the price at which exchange transactions carried out on this commodities (product groups) in a given trading session.

Quotation Exchange Commission - created to provide quotes (installation level) prices of goods that are sold on the stock exchange and are subject to quotation.

Section - a special direction of the stock exchange, within which exchange trading a select group of exchange of goods.

Solid biofuels - solid biomass used as boiler and furnace fuel, including wood, peat, sawdust, wood chips, straw and other agricultural waste, pellets and briquettes produced from biomass, charcoal and char.

Step auction - the amount by which the cost of changing the unit of commodities or lot during the auction.

Swap (from the English. Swap - exchange, replacement)  - is an agreement on the exchange of assets, interest payments, interest rates or other characteristics specified in the agreement, in order to optimize the capital structure of the company and generate additional income. Agreement between market participants on the exchange in the future payments under the terms of the agreement. In fact, the swap is cash flow from one to the cash flow characteristics of other characteristics.

Technical access to software and hardware complex - technical user access to the software and hardware subsystems complex.

Trading session - day trading period during which participants engaged in stock exchange trading transaction.

Trading Day - the day on which the stock exchange made ​​stock trades exchange commodity.

Voice exchange trading - it trades publicly and openly held in the trading rooms of exchange involving participants exchange trading in goods permitted for sale on the market.

Warranty support - cash paid by the participant exchange trading, to participate in the auction, which is determined by applicable law or stock exchange

Working Groups Exchange - advisory permanent organs Exchange.

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