Bank Owned Properties For Sale
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Where can I buy property of banks that are being liquidated?

One can buy property of banks that are being liquidated on the electronic auctions of the Ukrainian Universal Exchange.


What properties of banks that are being liquidated are sold on the Ukrainian Universal Exchange?

Movable property (vehicles, equipment, furniture) and immovable (buildings, structures, parts of premises, land plots) as well as the assignment of rights requirements on loans.


Where can I find the list of properties that is being put up for sale?

To find the list of properties that are being put up for sale, please follow the link – ETM.


What are the conditions of buying assets of liquidated banks?

Conditions of participation in the auctions and acquisition of property are disclosed in the announcement of an auction, the Regulations and the Agreement on conditions of participation.


How to participate in the electronic auction on bank owned properties for sale?

To participate in an auction physical or legal person must be registered on the electronic trading platform of the exchange. Those wishing to participate in the auction shall sign the Agreement with the exchange on conditions of participation and provide all the documents indicated in the ad.


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