Peculiarities of unprocessed timber sale
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Ukrainian Universal Exchange provides auction management services for realization of unprocessed timber in accordance with the Order of the State Committee of Forestry of Ukraine “Concerning the improvement of unprocessed timber sales mechanisms

Unprocessed timber sales by all the permanent forest users take place through the timber auctions on the exchange.

Unprocessed timber auctions are held once per quarter on the basis of commodity exchanges, located in regional centers and created in accordance with the Law of Ukraine "On the commodity exchange" and the Commercial Code of Ukraine. Entities engaged in timber processing may take part in bidding.

Auctions shall be held no later than 20 days prior to the beginning of the next quarter. Proposals from timber sellers are accepted by the exchange not later than 15 days prior to the auction.

Based on the received sellers’ offers exchange forms an auction bulletin, which contains information about the volume of unprocessed timber, number and size of lots, quality characteristics, starting price per cubic meter, step of auction, terms of delivery. In order to timely inform customers of the exchange no later than 10 calendar days before the day of the auction announcement in mass media of regional significance and national importance are to be made, on the Internet page information about the place, date and time of the auction, information about the volumes of trading timber, its breed, sellers, characteristics, the number and size of lots, starting price of the lot, step of the auction, terms of delivery, time of delivery, applications deadline, the amount and terms of the guarantee fee transfer . Prices at auction are formed freely; none of the bidders have advantages about the price size.

Submitting applications begins from the date of announcement publication. To order services or get information, please call: (044) 221-32-33 or e-mail:

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