Trading results at the 20.03.17: Natural gas -: 6700.00 (-) |

Today one of the key directions of the Ukrainian Universal Exchange activity is energy markets and electrical energy. Exchange already has a wide experience in holding the exchange trading (auctions) of coal and other fuels (oil, gas condensate, liquefied natural gas and stable gasoline), including enterprises of "Ukrgazvydobuvannya", which were in a tax lien.

Members and partners of the exchange are active participants in the energy market of Ukraine, in connection with the exchange as the best trading platform in Ukraine is actively involved in management of specialized seminars, and the exchange’s specialists are invited to participate in meetings and round tables as experts on the development of transparent trade relations in the oil and gas sector and biofuel market.

Service quality of the Ukrainian Universal Exchange are confirmed by advanced oil and gas enterprises of Ukraine, which permanently use its services and define it as a reliable and experienced operator of the wholesale trade.

Among that, Ukrainian Universal Exchange is actively involved in the development of market relations in the coal industry of Ukraine, as determined by the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade is one of four exchanges, which may hold electronic trading of coal products sale.

One of the priority activities of the UUE is reforming and development of the electricity market. Due to the fact that at the end of 2010, Ukraine joined the European Energy Community appeared the necessity of the transition of Ukrainian market in a competitive transparent bidding. One of the electricity market reform stages is the formation of the market "day ahead". Today the “day ahead” market is the most important sector from the point of view of price formation on the market and flexible management of generation schedules.


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