On bankrupt enterprises’ property sale
Trading results at the 22.02.18: Building timber EXW: 1144.31 (-) | Technical raw materials for industrial requirements pine-tree EXW: 847.48 (-) | Technical raw materials for industrial requirements poplar EXW: 733.65 (-) | Log alder tree EXW: 953.80 (-) | Log soft-wooded broadleaf EXW: 769.28 (-) | Log maple EXW: 1454.00 (-) | Log aspen EXW: 791.20 (-) | Log ash tree EXW: 2827.42 (-) | Log pine-tree EXW: 1379.30 (-) | Top log pine-tree EXW: 1030.57 (-) | Log oak (mottled butt rot) EXW: 5192.31 (-) | Log poplar EXW: 436.80 (-) | Log hard-wooded broadleaf EXW: 1102.80 (-) | Log oak EXW: 7874.49 (-) | Raw mat. for anchor works EXW: 866.73 (-) | Technical raw materials for industrial requirements soft-wooded broadleaf EXW: 479.70 (-) | Technical raw materials for industrial requirements ash tree EXW: 2080.71 (-) | Technical raw materials for industrial requirements alder tree EXW: 461.14 (-) | Technical raw materials for production of slabby materials, maple EXW: 600.00 (-) | Technical materials for "ВТП" maple EXW: 106.91 (-) | Technical raw materials for production of slabby materials, hornbeam EXW: 600.00 (-) |

Ukrainian Universal Exchange manages sale auctions of debtor’s property in proceedings under the bankruptcy order prescribed by the Law of Ukraine "On restoration of debtor's solvency or declaring it bankrupt", including in electronic form (e-trading).

As the organizer of the auction UUE performs the following functions:

  • places an announcement of carrying out sale auction of debtor’s property; informs about the results of the auction; informs about the cancellation of an auction on the website of the Supreme Economic Court of Ukraine and on the website of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine in accordance with the requirements of the Law and Order of Public Declaration of the Information that is to be published on the website of the state body for bankruptcy issues, approved by the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine on 10/07/2014 No. 1104/5;
  • acceptsapplication for participation in auction;
  • concludes contracts on terms of participation auction with the applicants;
  • takes guarantee fees from participants;
  • define bidders;
  • perform bidding;
  • ensures appropriate technical and methodological basis for bidding;
  • determines the winner of the auction and signs the Protocol on bidding results;
  • notifies the bidders about the bidding results;
  • provides legal support in documents preparation.

Persons wishing to register as bidders are to:
1. Submit Application for participation in auction in any form in the state language which should contain specified following information:
• name, legal form of organization, location, mailing address of the applicant (for the legal person);
• applicant’s surname, name, patronymic, passport data, data on a residence (for the physical person);
• contact phone, e-mail address of the applicant.
Application for participation should contain data on presence or absence ofapplicant’s interest in relation to the debtor, creditors, customer, auction organizer and about the character of this interest in case of its presence.

2. Copies of the following documents are to be attached to the Application for participation:
• the document confirming person’s authority on actions onapplicant’s behalf;
• the document confirming payment of the guarantee fee;
• other documents specified in the announcement.
The decision of the auction organizer on applicants’ admission to participate in the auctions is accepted on results of applications consideration.

The decision on refusal in the admission to participate in auction is accepted in case:
• application for participation does not meet the requirements established by Law and specified in the announcement on the auction;
• applicants’ documents do not comply with the requirements;
• at the date of drawing up the Protocol onspecification of auction participantsthe guarantee fee hasn’t been transferred to the account stated in the announcement.
Beyond that, Ukrainian Universal Exchange offers auctions on the electronic trading platform.

Electronic trading platform complies with current conditions and will be able to automate the procedures of e-auction management and will combine all bidders into a single information space. Electronic auctions are the most simple and economical way of assets selling with the purpose of providing its disposition at a higher price.

Electronic trading platform of the Ukrainian Universal Exchange ensures uninterrupted operation for conducting electronic auctions, in particular:

  • putting a price offers by the parties via secure connection in real time;
  • visualization of all offers with reference to the code numbers of participants who made offers during the auction in real time, and for seven years thereafter;
  • visualization of time remaining until the deadline for putting price offers;
  • provides an opportunity for participants to put price offers accurate to 1 penny;
  • provides the ability to immediately send message containing the necessary information (details) or notice of refusal of accommodation deals with the reasons for such denial to each participant;
  • creating and sending the electronic form of the Protocol on the conduction of the auction to the winner and the customer;
  • support for carrying and refund of guarantee fees;
  • provision of electronic document flow and data protection.

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