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Real estate is one of the most valuable assets. Real estate valuation along with other types of property valuation is the most common form of assessment.

With the purpose of making management decisions real estate valuation is carried out by entering the real estate into a share capital of enterprises, purchase and sale contracts, pledge agreement for a loan, for accounting purposes, to determine the damage costs for insurance contracts, as well as to determine the current market value or other value of the property (liquidation, reconstruction).

We will perform all kinds of real estate appraisal for You within a very short time:

  •  Assessment of the apartment.
  • Assessment of non-residential premises.
  • Assessment of commercial real estate.
  • Evaluation of buildings and structures (roads, bridges, and so on).
  • Evaluation of home.
  • Assessment of the warehouse.
  • Assessment of garage, parking.
  • Assessment of industrial premises.
  • Valuation of constructions in progress.

For the assessment of the real estate property, the customer should provide documents that individuate the object of evaluation to the appraiser, determining its physical and legal characteristics. The list of the documents required for the property assessment:

  1. Documents confirming the right of ownership or any other proprietary right to the object of evaluation.
  2. Technical inventory bureau passport in case of absence - design-estimate documentation of the valuation object.
  3. Information about the encumbrances or restrictions in the free disposion of the valuation object.
  4. Data on the physical characteristics of the object.

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