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Valuation of intellectual property rights refers to the assessment of listed below objects:

- literary and artistic works;

- computer programs;

- data compilations (databases);

- phonograms, videograms, programs, broadcasting organizations;

- inventions, utility models, industrial designs;

- layout design (topography) of integrated circuits;

- rationalization proposals;

- plants varieties, breeds of animals;

- commercial names, trademarks (marks for goods and services) geographical indications;

- commercial secrets;

- other objects, which are related to intellectual property according to the legislation.

Listed below methodological approaches are applied for the assessment of intellectual property: the income; comparative; cost.

Income approach of the intellectual property valuation is based on the application of assessment procedures of expected income transactions in the cost of the evaluated object.

A comparative approach to the intellectual property evaluation is applied in case when there is enough trustworthy information about the market prices of similar objects and conditions of the agreements on the disposal of property rights on such objects.

The cost approach to the intellectual property evaluation is based on determining the value of the expenditure required to restore or replace the appraisal object.

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