Trading results at the 22.02.18: Building timber EXW: 1144.31 (-) | Technical raw materials for industrial requirements pine-tree EXW: 847.48 (-) | Technical raw materials for industrial requirements poplar EXW: 733.65 (-) | Log alder tree EXW: 953.80 (-) | Log soft-wooded broadleaf EXW: 769.28 (-) | Log maple EXW: 1454.00 (-) | Log aspen EXW: 791.20 (-) | Log ash tree EXW: 2827.42 (-) | Log pine-tree EXW: 1379.30 (-) | Top log pine-tree EXW: 1030.57 (-) | Log oak (mottled butt rot) EXW: 5192.31 (-) | Log poplar EXW: 436.80 (-) | Log hard-wooded broadleaf EXW: 1102.80 (-) | Log oak EXW: 7874.49 (-) | Raw mat. for anchor works EXW: 866.73 (-) | Technical raw materials for industrial requirements soft-wooded broadleaf EXW: 479.70 (-) | Technical raw materials for industrial requirements ash tree EXW: 2080.71 (-) | Technical raw materials for industrial requirements alder tree EXW: 461.14 (-) | Technical raw materials for production of slabby materials, maple EXW: 600.00 (-) | Technical materials for "ВТП" maple EXW: 106.91 (-) | Technical raw materials for production of slabby materials, hornbeam EXW: 600.00 (-) |

The electronic trading platform is designed to sale non-standardized goods of bankrupt enterprises, goods under tax lien, etc. Today UUE is studying wishes of buyers and sellers on improving the functionality of the ETP and a demand for this type of trade.

Enter the platform
Ukrainian Universal Exchange provides an electronic platform for the purpose of effective sale of non-standardized and separate certain assets or products.
UUE electronic trading platform - section of the exchange's website with a set of technical equipment, software and organizational measures that are used to hold the electronic bidding.

Main advantages of using an electronic platform that facilitates selling price rise:
• fierce competition between buyers is achieved due to the possibility of remote participation in the trades;
• absolute transparency of procedures implementation is achieved through the public bidding and disclosure of their participants (minimized risks of collusion between buyers);
• possibility of the owner of the property/product to take operational control over the entire process of realization anywhere in the world

Key features of electronic trading platforms:
Modern trading platform. The solution - advanced Internet technologies that make trading platform really modern and comfortable. In modern market conditions, technological superiority can be a key advantage of an electronic platform.

Quality and reliability. The system has the best performance, adapted to high loads and tested on numerous deployments. Supports cluster configurations to ensure maximum availability.

High level of security. The level of security and protection of confidential information allows you to build reliable and complex system of information protection. Traffic filtering through a specialized provider protects more than 99% of DDoS-attacks.

Compatible with all browsers and operating systems. Unlike most trading platforms, it is possible to work in our ETP using the EDS in all popular web browsers and on different operating systems. In addition, the system simplifies the configuration of the browser to work with ETP.

Spell check. The system finds spelling mistakes when filling out the necessary forms while typing.

Experience and qualification. Our experience of operation of electronic trading systems with high requirements for reliability and performance, knowledge of the subject area and the first-class level of training allows you to implement the process of introducing Electronic Trading Platform in the shortest possible time and with a consistently high level of quality.
Experienced specialists of our company are ready to share their experience of organizing and conducting electronic trading procedures, to become a member of working groups for the elaboration of normative legal acts necessary for the proper functioning of the implementation procedures, as well as ready to offer an electronic platform for electronic auction procedures testing.


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