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Trading system ETS software is designed to hold electronic exchange trading and electronic exchange auctions by commodity groups by remote users in real-time via Internet.

System requirements:
1) Microsoft Windows XP (SP3) /Vista/7/8/8.1.
2) Microsoft Office 2003 and higher.
3) Antivirus software.
The main advantages of "ETS" trading system:
• The system is implemented in a so-called "thick" client that provides better stability, capacity and faster data processing than the HTML versions of the trading systems.
• Wide possibilities of trade, such as: the use of counter-offers on lots, price and/or volume and ability for the lot-owner to consider whether to accept it or reject, and divide the lot and/or change the price in accordance with the situation at the auction.
• Participants impersonality in electronic trading and absence of any contacts between them until the end of trades. Application owner enters only starting price in the system, which makes any corruption schemes impossible.
• Free ETS training.
• Ability to hold tenders with minimal cost and on-the-spot.

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