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We invite Your Company to take part in the training trading in the Electronic Trading System of the Ukrainian Universal Exchange.

What is educational trading?

Educational ("simulation") trading is a full analogue of the real (actual) electronic trading, which allow market participants to gain practical skills working with the electronic trading system (ETS) without a risk of losing financial or commodity resources and purchase any liabilities upon completion of the bidding.

Before this Exchange specialists in a convenient for you time are ready to hold a free presentation of the Electronic Trading System (ETS).

The Exchange conducts free training in the ETS for the opportunity to participate in training, and later in real bidding, to sell and buy necessary resources at competitive prices.
Regarding presentations and training please contact Central office of the Ukrainian universal exchange:
Shevchenko 52 str, office 406, Poltava
or Contact center: (044) 221-32-33
e-mail: – Mr. Serhii Hladkyi.
There is a possibility to organize training in your company or in one of our offices, at the prearranged time and place.
Materials for study:
There’s a possibility to view and study training materials for users who have been accredited to work with ETS:
-presentation material (the technology of the electronic auction, documents filing)
-exhibit A of the work in the ETS (video step-by-step showing work at ETS as exemplified by real trades)
-instructions (user’s guide at all stages of electronic trading)
It’s necessary to be accredited and trained by the experts of the Exchange to study these materials

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