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Commodity exchange operations department provides full range of exchange and trading services, management of exchange trades and auctions:

  • sale of crude oil, gas condensate of domestic production and LPG that include community needs in accordance with “Some issues on exchange auctions management of crude oil, gas condensate of domestic production and LPG trades Act” of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine № 1064 d.d 03.10.2011 and “On the tender results Order ” of the Ministry of Energy and Coal № № 463 d. 20.06.2014;
  • realization of coal on the electronic trades according to the Minister's of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine Order № 723 d.d. 19.06.2012 registered in The Ministry of Justice № 1073/21385 d.d. 27.06.2012;
  • unprocessed timber sale;
  • bankrupt enterprises property sale;
  • communal and public property sale (UUE is in the Register of auction organizers of public property expropriation, according to the Order № 1637 d.d. 08.11.2010 and has a public property sales contract with the State Property Fund of Ukraine №484 d.d. 22.10.2012(annually prolonged since 1998));
  • nonagricultural land parcels and lease rights sale according to the license on land trades management (Series АГ № 583015 d.d. 14.01.2011) corresponding to the decision of land-planning and land evaluation commission of the State Committee of Land Resources № 903 d.d. 28.12.2010;
  • tax lien assets sales, by virtue of the Letter of Taxation Administration of Ukraine №26/6/19-9015 d.d. 05.01.2012;
  • confiscated or abandoned property sale (passed into the public ownership);
  • sale of discarded munitions, by virtue of The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine “ Mandate to sale discarded munitions of the Armed Forces ” № 894-р d.d. 13.12.2004;
  • execution of all kinds of industrial, food and agricultural production purchase orders;
  • legal support.

Section of bankrupt enterprises property realisation:

  • cooperation with official receivers concerning enterprises liquidation;
  • holding auctions and exchange trades on selling bankrupt enterprises property;
  • legal support and effecting exchange deals of bankrupt enterprises property sales at all stages of bankruptcy proceeding by virtue of the Law of Ukraine “On the reestablishment debtor solvency or declaring bankrupt”, Law of Ukraine “On small national enterprises privatization (small privatization)”;
  • information preparation for the newspaper “Exchange Herald” (Birzhovyi visnyk) publication;
  • providing explanations to the exchange clients about the commodity exchange operation procedure;

Section of public and communal property sales:

  • cooperation with the property regulatory bodies and state bodies of privatization;
  • holding trades on public and communal property and its technical assurance;
  • public property trades management;
  • providing explanations to the exchange clients about the commodity exchange operation procedure;
  • legal support of the public and communal property expropriation process.

Section of land sales and tenant rights:

  • cooperation with regional, municipal, village councils, state administrations and bodies of privatization concerning public land and communal nonagricultural land parcels sales and tenant rights;
  • providing explanations about the land parcels documents preparation;
  • assistance in land documents processing;
  • holding land and tenant rights trades;
  • assurance of all technical requirements on land trades management: computers, informative devices about land trades and demonstration of photos and cartographic information about the land parcel, trade room, margin (guarantee fee) invoices etc.;
  • providing auctioneer services, who have passed the full course of training and obtained qualified certificates of land trading auctioneers;
  • legal support;

Movable and immovable assets trading section:

  • movable assets trading (motor transport, agricultural equipment);
  • sale of equipment;
  • sale of commercial real estate;
  • sale of asset packages,
  • preparation and verification of the real estate title documents;

Agroindustrial complex section:

  • registration of agricultural products export and import international contracts;
  • registration of the exchange traded contracts in the domestic agricultural market;
  • forward contract registration;
  • providing results on the agricultural products cost;
  • cooperation with Ukrainian agroindustrial enterprises and “Union of Ukrainian exchanges” Association;
  • providing explanations to the exchange clients about the exchange operation procedure;

Tax lien assets trade section:

  • cooperation with regional and state tax administrations of Ukraine;
  • targeted auctions on tax lien assets sale;
  • legal support and effecting exchange deals of tax lien assets sale;
  • providing explanations to the exchange clients about the commodity exchange operation procedure;

Section of electronic trading:

  • sale of coal;
  • sale of oil;
  • sale of bankrupt enterprise’s property.

Within the project framework department specialists accomplish:

  • legal verification of the fullness and validity of the trading documents before exchange trades (auctions);
  • assistance in preparation of the title documents for selling real estate, obtaining necessary permits for the expropriation of the state property;
  • search for potential property buyers at the exchange trades (auctions);
  • technical management of the trades;
  • completion of trade protocols.
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