Trading results at the 22.02.18: Building timber EXW: 1144.31 (-) | Technical raw materials for industrial requirements pine-tree EXW: 847.48 (-) | Technical raw materials for industrial requirements poplar EXW: 733.65 (-) | Log alder tree EXW: 953.80 (-) | Log soft-wooded broadleaf EXW: 769.28 (-) | Log maple EXW: 1454.00 (-) | Log aspen EXW: 791.20 (-) | Log ash tree EXW: 2827.42 (-) | Log pine-tree EXW: 1379.30 (-) | Top log pine-tree EXW: 1030.57 (-) | Log oak (mottled butt rot) EXW: 5192.31 (-) | Log poplar EXW: 436.80 (-) | Log hard-wooded broadleaf EXW: 1102.80 (-) | Log oak EXW: 7874.49 (-) | Raw mat. for anchor works EXW: 866.73 (-) | Technical raw materials for industrial requirements soft-wooded broadleaf EXW: 479.70 (-) | Technical raw materials for industrial requirements ash tree EXW: 2080.71 (-) | Technical raw materials for industrial requirements alder tree EXW: 461.14 (-) | Technical raw materials for production of slabby materials, maple EXW: 600.00 (-) | Technical materials for "ВТП" maple EXW: 106.91 (-) | Technical raw materials for production of slabby materials, hornbeam EXW: 600.00 (-) |

Ukrainian Universal Exchange (UUE) was registered on November 18, 1997 with the purpose of taking active participation in market transformation of Ukrainian economy and one of the first professional organizations of Ukraine which began to provide full range of exchange services.

Main directions of the UUE activity are:

- Organization and realization of exchange and open bidding (auctions) for:

  • sale of crude oil, equity gas condensate and LPG production including for domestic needs;
  • coal distribution via electronic exchange trading according to the order # 723 of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine dated 19.06.2012 and registered in the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine on 27.06.2012 under No 1073/21385.
  • sale of unprocessed timber;
  • realization of bankrupt enterprises property at all stages;
  • sale of public and communal property by virtue of the Treaty #365 d.d. 22.10.2013 with The State Property Fund of Ukraine about the distribution of the public property and the Registry of auction organizers of public property disposition (collaboration with privatization institutions of Ukraine, administrations and ministries, local government bodies of all levels)
  • sale of land parcels and lease rights by virtue of the License on holding land trades (Series АГ № 583015 d.d. 14.01.2011);
  • sale of taxpayers assets, that are in the tax lien by virtue of the State Tax Administration of Ukraine Letter № 261/6 / 19-9015 d.d. 05.01.2012;
  • sale of discarded munitions, by virtue of The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine “ Mandate to sale discarded munitions of the Armed Forces ” № 894-р d.d. 13.12.2004;
  • sale of confiscated or abandoned property (passed into the public property);
  • sale of the wholesale quantity of products of the Ukrainian enterprises (strong client base of the UUE provides opportunity to find final buyer for the particular type of product or services);
  • sale of noncore assets (realization of unsaleable goods, scrap and unexpended balances(stocks);
  • sale of the bank pawn, evaluation of the property liquidity, searching for potential buyers;

- Registration of the internal and international contracts on agricultural products export;

- Undertaking a market research to determine demand and supply, pricing policy of the particular types and groups of products/services on the territory of Ukraine and abroad;

- Providing services for tender management, including electronic;

- Providing auctioneer services for exchange and open bidding;

- Independent expert evaluation.

UUE takes leading positions in realization of coal and agricultural products, unprocessed timber, crude oil, gas condensate and LPG.

UUE's price indices are used by tax authorities to designate transfer prices.

According to the State Committee of Statistics of Ukraine “About activity of Ukrainian exchanges” UUE ranked first on traded value and was the first in the rate of the Authorized exchanges of the Ministry of agrarian policy on the cost of consummated deals on agricultural products, its processing and supplies.

In addition, starting from 2012 UUE is one of the 4 exchanges that are authorized by the Ministry of Economic Development to hold electronic exchange trading in realization of coal production according to the results of the corresponding tender.

In June 2014 UUE was decided as a winner of the tender and the only organizer of the spot trades of crude oil, gas condensate and LPG extracted by government companies.

UUE obtains and successfully uses Electronic trading system that allows holding exchange trades. Electronic trading system was designed in accordance with international experience and the legislation in power of Ukraine. UUE is going to become an active participant of the international exchange market and increase volume of signed deals in agricultural, fuel and energy sector in the nearest future.

Currently the regional network of branches is being formed. Our institution is already presented in major economically developed regions of Ukraine: Kyiv, Dnipropetrovs’k, Zaporizhzhya, Kremenchuk, Odesa, Poltava, Sumy, Kharkiv, Kherson and have a number of representatives. Branches in Simferopol, Kerch, Donetsk and Lugansk are temporary not functioning.

Through the branching network and mobility Ukrainian Universal Exchange is able to provide services for independent property valuation, to manage stock and open bids (auctions) in realization of property and to provide qualified consultation on the listed above questions in any city of Ukraine.

There are 12 certified independent and expert money assessment specialists working in UUE

UUE is a member of:

“Exchange and electronic platforms” Association, “Union of Ukrainian exchanges” Association, The Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Intermarket electronic union.

UUE is going to become an active participant in the international commodity exchange market and increase the amount of deals, especially in agricultural, fuel and energy sectors.

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